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Yeeeah...about that. 01-08-06 16:10
So it's only been what...4 months since i last posted? happens.

I'm back in Ashland for round 2 of this college thing. I'm happy to see all my friends again but that required leaving all my friends at home behind...again. god damnit.
BUT i'm getting fuckered up tonight and i have criminology in the morning tomorrow so I'm stoked for the next week.
Plus I have a date with the awesome kid that is Nick J. :)

I'm...INVISDIBLE damnit 08-13-05 00:39
how long do you have to report an accident/damage done to your car becasue of someone else before they can refure to offer their insurance??????

NEED HELP...i'll explain later.
Woot for 12 hour shifts! 07-19-05 03:44
I just got off work.
It's 3:52 in the flippin morning.
I worked 12 HOURS today...

oh and my mum called the cops to come find me because she was worried even though i told her i would be back in the wee hours of the morning.

AND I get to work AGAIN at 1:00 tomorrow till 9:30...which really means till 10:00 or 10:30 with my store. WOOT WOOT. Holla back.
Lovely 07-01-05 23:36
Don't you just LOVE that the minute everything in your life is PERFECT...something worms it's way back to where it doesn't belong.

Her eyes were red as DAWN and her heart black as night.
You made the biggest mistake by letting him go when all he wanted was you. Don't hurt me because you want back in.
It's Been A While 06-30-05 11:33
It's been quite some time since I last posted on here (except for the thing I just posted). But I felt that a return was imminent and since my friggin myspace was deleted all my loyalties are going to remain to this place.
comment me beyotches....J/K J/K ... or am I

I leave you with this. Being a "grown up" sucks. I had to give up my mission to Montana for a job and now I miss Matthew and Kimmy and Kaija and even my sister. That trip meant the world to me but I had to "grow up". Yes, I am now a grown up with a new bedroom, a stellar boyfriend, a fun and well paying job, AND and a bank account (don't ask me why I'm excited about that...I just am) but I'd rather be a little girl feeling the world around her with her friends and expeirencing things that she would hold close to her forever.
But That Is The Glory Of Being A Grown Up.
When "all" you want is the moon in your pocket....I'd be there for you.

And yet, You have found a replacement and I've never been good enough.
all the world's a stage....

and death is only the greenroom.
Purple Coated Fingernails 06-02-05 18:39
I will breathe with you
I will sleep with you
I will see for you
I with be with you.
I will share with you and care about you.
I will stare with you and sometimes might glare at you.
I will Rock out
Freak out
Sneak out and eat out with you.
I will lie down
slow down
fall down
go down...on you.
I will look up and stand up
speed up and climb up from the dust with you.
I will be there
I will be here
I will be everywhere for you.
I will give my heart to you.
I will give my time to you.
I will even give my cell phone minutes to say "Hi" to you.
I will sing for you
laugh at you and cry without you.
I will sieze you and tease you
I might even please you (granted no one walks in)
I will kiss you and miss you.
I will walk with you and talk with you.
I will cry for you, die for you
I willl soar above the sky with you.
I will roar at you
scream at you
but I'll never ask for more of you
I will be good
be bad
be happy and sad.
I will be adventerous and lazy
I might even go crazy...all for you.
FUCK THE NAVY 06-02-05 18:23 I still miss Navy Kid, which is probably not the best of situations considering that Brandon hates the thought of him.
He just randomly found his way into my thoughts this morning when I was putting on my eyeshadow. That was a FUCKERED up non-relationship and yet, I still want him back.
I leave you with this...FUCK
I am an abused little girl. Not only have I had my nose damn near broken with a lacrosse stick...I just had my forehead slammed into a wall. Gotta love boyfriends.
I have officially decided I am PRO-LIFE. At first I thught pro-choice was for me but then I started researching it for Millers paper and changed my mind. But I guess I'm still a mutt because I'm still supportive of abortions in life threatening situations and rape.
I leave you with this...Daddy finally came back. He's always gone now.
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